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Race Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry to the Hurley Regatta

Data Privacy (GDPR)

  1. By creating an account online, you accept that we will save, and use the data you have entered- including that of any other competitors (from whom you have sought permission), according to the data privacy statement.

  2. The data privacy statement can be accessed here.


  1. The Regatta Committee reserves the right to alter the programme at any time.

  2. Competitors who have a medical condition or who are pregnant should consult their GP before taking part in the Regatta

  3. All entries must be by forename and surname (substitutions can be made with the permission of the Entries Secretary)

  4. The closing date for entries is 31st July 2023

  5. Entries will be accepted in the order in which they are received.

  6. Entry to the Regatta meadow for competitors is by ticket – which will be sent to you as a pdf

  7. The signature of a parent or guardian will be deemed by the Regatta Committee as acceptance of the Rules and Conditions of Entry by all parents or guardians of those persons under 18 listed on the entry form.

  8. Competitors must report to the Entries Tent 10 minutes prior to the start of each of their races. Competitors who are not ready to start when required will be disqualified.

  9. Race rules will be displayed adjacent to the Entries Tent at the Regatta.

  10. All teams must consist of the number of competitors specified on the entry form both at the start and finish of each race.

  11. Hurley Regatta reserves the right to refuse participation in any of the races due to inappropriate behaviour.

  12. Hard shoes must not be worn when competing.

  13. Scull races will be in skiffs. Rudders must be attached.

  14. All competitors must be able to swim at least 50 metres in light clothing, and hereby release the race organisers, their sponsors, agents, staff and officials from any claim for injury or loss though participation in this competition. I acknowledge that we/I compete entirely at our own risk..


Race Eligibility

  1. All competitors may enter a maximum of 5 classes.

  2. Bath, and Raft Race entrants must wear buoyancy aids. Any competitor aged under 12 must also wear a buoyancy aid.

  3. The term "Residents" on the entry form means people permanently residing or working in the Parish of Hurley.

  4. Hurley Regatta shall supply all craft and equipment (buoyancy aids may be hired).

  5. Competitors must use the paddles, poles, sculls, baths and boats provided by Hurley Regatta.

  6. Any fault with a boat or equipment after the start of the race is deemed "bad luck".



Raft Race - Entry Terms and Conditions

  1. The raft race is for 4 competitors of 18 years and over.

  2. Teams must wear buoyancy aids.

  3. Hurley Regatta will provide all the materials needed to build the raft.

  4. Only the wooden paddles provided by Hurley Regatta may be used.

  5. Teams should assemble in the arena at 12:15pm for briefing.

  6. If a member of a team is unavailable due to other race commitments, a substitute may be used.

  7. Raft building will commence at approximately 12:30pm, during the lunch break.

  8. Teams may not supply additional equipment except one knife and an optional flag.

  9. Teams will be asked to move their raft from the arena after approximately one hour and will not be given access to their raft again until 5.00pm.

  10. Teams should assemble in the arena at 4.45pm for race briefing and Judges’ inspection.

  11. After the Judges’ inspection, the rafts will be carried to the river and launched at about 5.30pm, other race finals permitting.

  12. Rafts should be paddled upstream from the launch area to the start.

  13. Teams that are not at the start and ready to race when under starters orders will be disqualified and may be removed from the course.

  14. Crews that do not return and dismantle their rafts to the arena after the race will be disqualified.

  15. The times shown above are provisional and teams must check the times shown in the race programme.

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