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Hurley 45th regatta results - 18th August 2017

Hurley Water based events

Gents Single ScullPeter Freebody CupM. Gordon
Ladies Single ScullCollins CupM. Freebody
Coxed Single ScullC Scott-Hopkins CupM. Burfitt & H. Burfitt.
Lady & Gents CanoeFloate CupL. Vincent & M. Burfitt
Damsel in DistressDamsel in Distress Cup M. Burfitt & C. Burfitt
Open Novelty Canoe W. Brewer & C. Pearson
Open Double Canoe Open Double Canoe CupV. Fairbrother & G. Fairbrother
Residents Double Canoe Residents Double Canoe CupT. Carter & D. Merrell
Poddling in CanoesPoddling cupT. Love & G. Keelock
Newcomers Double Canoe S. Bavin & T. Summerton
Coxed Single Dinghy P. Burfitt & I. Burfitt
Little & Large Tandem Dinghy Geoffrey Webber TrophyP. Burfitt & I. Burfitt
Residents Coxed Single Dinghy Brigg Memorial CupL. Barradell-Pither & J. Barradell-Pither
Novelty Dinghy V. Fairbrother, G. Fairbrother & J. Butler
Veterans Single Dinghy P. Bosley
Newcomers Tandem Dinghy J. Hobson & L. Hadaway
PaddleboardingPaddleboarding Cup G. Fairbrother
Open Kayak cobra G. Fairbrother
Single PuntingEd Emery CupM. Gordon
Residents DongolaEgam 3
Thames DongolaLA Burfitt CupHurley Hayseeds
Novelty Tug of War (on water)Tug Of War CupAylesbury Ducks
Bath raceBath standBathy McBathface
Raft RaceICI PP ShieldHurley Hayseeds
Dragon Boat RaceHenley Dragon TrophyDew Drop Pirates
Children's 40 DongolaHurley Hayseedlings
U12 Residents Single DinghyN. Drew
U12 Double CobraN. Drew & G. Crowe
U12 Single CobraJ. Thomas
U15 Single DinghyD.R. Burfitt CupG. Burfitt
U15 Single CobraJ. Beverley
U15 Double CobraMcLennan & McLennan
U17 Single DinghyNolder CupS. Beverley
U17 Single CobraS. Beverley
U17 Double CobraS. Beverley & J. Beverley
Scratch DongolaSkull Crushers

Hurley Land based events

Tug of War Hurley Farm ShieldThe Rising Sun
Egg Throwing W. Simms & R. Simms
Dog racing (on lead) "Izzie" - Colin Gaffney
Dog racing (off lead) "Missile Missie" - T. Elliot

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