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Hurley 43rd regatta results - 15 August 2015

Hurley Water based events

Novice Single Scull C. Whysall
Gents Single ScullPeter Freebody CupT. Love
Ladies Single ScullCollins CupM. Freebody
Coxed Single ScullC Scott-Hopkins CupM. Burfitt & H. Burfitt.
Lady & Gents Canadian CanoeFloate CupV. Bosley & M. Burfitt
Damsel in Distress M. Burfitt & C. Burfitt
Open novelty canoe W. Brewer & J. Cripps
Open Double Canadian Canoe S. Burness & J. Cripps
Residents Double Canadian Canoe T. Carter & D. Merrel
Poddling in CanoesPoddling cupP. Burness & S. Burness
Newcomers Double Canadian Canoe K. Redmile & J. Pritchard
Single PuntingEd Emery CupE. Emery
Coxed Single Dinghy P. Burfitt & I. Burfitt
Residents Coxed Single Dinghy Brigg Memorial CupR. Moody & Z. Reichman
Ladies Tandem DinghyJackson Challenge CupC. Nunan & H. Kilsby
Little & Large Tandem Dinghy P. Burfitt & G. Burfitt
Veterans Single Dinghy P. Bosley
Newcomers Tandem Dinghy T. Scheide & Farmer
Paddleboarding T. Love
Open Kayak cobra A. Willis
Little & Large Cobra Kayak J. McLennan & T. McLennan
Junior Single DinghyDR Burfitt CupP. Burfitt
Intermediate Single Dinghy Nolder CupJ. Kilsby
Intermediate Double Canoe J. Cadwallader & C. Rollet-Manus
U18 Double Kayak J. Cadwallader & C. Rollet-Manus
Thames DongolaLA Burfitt CupHurley Hayseeds
Residents DongolaI Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie
Scratch Dongola TBC
Tug of War (on water)Tug Of War CupAylesbury Ducks
Bath raceBath standWe Love Alan Shearer
Raft RaceICI PP ShieldHurley Hayseeds
Scratch Double Canoe Staunton & Cleaver
Scratch Coxed Dinghy Howard & Howard
Scratch Double Canoe Staunton & Cleaver
Scratch Dongola (a) Bracknell Forest
Scratch Dongola (b) Dad's Army
Dragon Boat RaceHenley Dragon CupDew Drop Pirates & Youngs (tied)

Hurley Land based events

Childrens races- Water Carrying (a) The Best
Childrens races- Water Carrying (b) JAWC
Dog racing (on lead) "Coco" - Ollie
Dog racing (off lead) "Daisy" - Abbie

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