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Hurley 42nd regatta results - 16 August 2014

Hurley Water based events

Novice Single Scull A. Hyman
Gents Single ScullPeter Freebody CupP. Hanks
Ladies Single ScullCollins CupS. Hanks
Coxed Single ScullC Scott-Hopkins CupM. Burfitt & C. Burfitt.
Lady & Gents Canadian CanoeFloate CupV. Bosley & M. Burfitt
Damsel in Distress A. Cherry & G. Barnicoat
Open novelty canoe C. Nunan & J. Nunan
Open Double Canadian Canoe T. Love & J. Soreny
Residents Double Canadian Canoe T. Carter & J. Cadwallader
Poddling in CanoesPoddling cupT. Love & J Soreny
Newcomers Double Canadian Canoe M. Munday & T. Cullverwell
Single PuntingEd Emery CupN. Towers
Coxed Single Dinghy P. Burfitt & I. Burfitt
Ladies Tandem DinghyJackson Challenge CupC. Nunan & H. Kilsby
Little & Large Tandem Dinghy H. Kilsby & H. Kilsby
Paddleboarding G. Barnicoat
Open Kayak cobra G. Barnicoat
Little & Large Cobra Kayak TY & P. Burness
Junior Single DinghyDR Burfitt CupC. Facer
Junior Tandem Dinghy Coxed C. Facer, I. Facer & H. Relfe
U18 Single Dinghy Nolder CupJ. Cadwallader
U18 Double Canadian Canoe T. Carter & J. Cadwallader
U18 Double Kayak J. Cadwallader & Z. Powell
Thames DongolaLA Burfitt CupHurley Hayseeds
Scratch Dongola TBC
Tug of War (on water)Tug Of War CupHeave-Ho
Bath raceBath standWe Love Alan Shearer
Raft RaceICI PP ShieldHurley Hayseeds
Dragon Boat RaceHenley Dragon CupHenley Dragons

Hurley Land based events

Egg throwing C. Green & J. Slater
Childrens races- Water CarryingDonovan Family - AKA. DYNAMITE
Dog racing (on lead) "Malcolm" - Liam O'Connor
Dog racing (off lead) "Martha" - Frankie Fry

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