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Hurley 41st regatta results - 17 August 2012

Hurley Water based events

Novice Single Scull J. Shields
Gents Single ScullPeter Freebody CupC. Jennings
Ladies Single ScullCollins CupS. Hanks
Coxed Single ScullC Scott-Hopkins CupC. Bufitt & M. Burfitt.
Lady & Gents Canadian CanoeFloate CupS Burness & P. Burness
Damsel in Distress L. Kendall Smith & M.Burfitt
open novelty canoe W. Brewer & C. Fowler
Open Double Canadian Canoe T. Love & A. Paddler
Residents Double Canadian Canoe V. Carter & R. Cadwallader
poddling in canoesPoddling cupP. Burness & S. Burness
newcomers double canadian canoe S. Elliott & C. Jennings
Scratch Canoe J. Doyle & H. Doyle
Single PuntingEd Emery CupN. Towers
coxed single dinghy C. Burfitt & M. Burfitt
Ladies Tandem DinghyJackson Challenge CupS. Elliott & B. Davies
Open Novelty dinghy Jennings, Jennings & Pennock
novice tandem dinghyno trophyS. Elliott & W. Pierro
Paddleboarding D. Hearne
Open Kayak cobra G. Barnicoat
little & large tandem dinghy G. Burfitt & P. Burfitt
little & large double kayak G. Burfitt & P. Burfitt
Junior Single DinghyDR Burfitt CupB. Doyle
junior tandem dinghy coxed Beverley, Kilsby & Beverley
U18 single dinghy J. Kilsby
U18 double canadian canoe C. Kendall Smith & Temperley
U18 double kayak S. Beverley & J. Kilsby
Bath raceBath standWe Love Alan Shearer
Thames DongolaLA Burfitt CupHurley Hayseeds
Residents dongola Shepherds Lane
Scratch dongola Barnicoats
Tug of War (on water)Henley Dragon CupNatalie Lister/Henley Dragons
Raft RaceICI PP ShieldBarnicoats

Hurley Land based events

Egg throwing C. Gore & J. Mumdy
Childrens races- Water CarryingChinchillas
Childrens races- Ball in bucketJessica Gaffney
Dog racing (on lead) "Woody" - Dean
Dog racing (off lead) "Bentley" - Verity

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