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For a full list of all the water based races, traditional or otherwise, see the entry form page. See below for a brief explanation of the less conventional water based races.

Dongolas - 6 people (2 of whom must be female) paddling in punts  - as there is no rudder, circular motions are common!!

Baths- 2 household baths joined together down the long side (not the tap end) with 4 people (all over 12 with at least 2 adults)  paddling it – 2 in each bath. Freeboard can be a problem!!

Dragon Boat - 16 paddlers (competitors) plus are drummer and someone to steer (provided by us). They go very fast and are surprisingly stable.

The Novelty Race - reinvented  every year but often involves picking things up out of the water, changing clothes or balancing balls. Can be tricky but competitors are rarely defeated.

Damsel in Distress - brave young (or not so young) ladies have to jump ship into their saviour’s arms/boats. Most competitors stay surprisingly dry.

Poddling - 2 competitors,  1 paddling and 1 punting in a canoe.  Much more difficult than it looks!

Novelty Tug of War – 4 people paddling on a barrel (or two) against another team. Downstream advantage (but you pull both ways) and almost certain to get wet!!

Raft Race – built on dry land using limited equipment by 4 people who then have to carry it to the water and paddle it to the finish. Some never make it to thev water and of those that do several fall apart before the end. It’s all down to your engineering skills! Always oversubscribed and huge fun.

Cobra Kayaks - for those wanting a more stable ride!! Singles or doubles - some sitting - some standing.

 ‘Men/women overboard’ are rescued by life guards.
Upturned craft, struggling/tired crews, or those simply going nowhere can hitch a lift with the return tow boats.
See entry form for other rules and regulations.

Land Based events in the Arena and Marquee – vary every year - click HERE to see what you can expect to get up to!

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